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Amargosa AfterglowA mountain in Death Valley, California's Amargosa Range glows in the setting sun.
Death Valley - Aguerreberry Point Panorama 1A multi-image panorama looking northeast from Aguerreberry Point in Death Valley, California
Death Valley - Rhyolite Nevada Cook Bank Building Silhouette 2Rhyolite, Nevada's Cook Bank Building in silhouette
Death Valley - Warms Springs Camp EquipmentAn old pulley on mining equipment at Death Valley California's Warm Springs Campground
Death Valley DunesSand Dunes in Death Valley, California, stretch out to the base of the far-off mountains.
Death Valley Night Sky Long Exposure with StarsNight sky with stars and foreground in Death Valley National Park California
Death Valley Zabriskie Point Storm CloudsDeath Valley California's Zabriskie Point under storm clouds
Moonlit Panamint Range Death Valley CAA Moonlit Scene Looking West to the Panamint Range from Death Valley National Park's Harmony Borax Works site
Panamint Valley panorama looking east towards Death ValleyPanamint Valley panorama looking east towards Death Valley
The GrandstandThe Grandstand at Racetrack Playa in Death Valley, California. Racetrack Playa is home to the famous "moving rocks" that leave tracks in the mud when the playa's clay lakebed gets wet during the infrequent rainstorms.