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Italy Rome Colosseum Interior Panorama5094 viewsRome, Italy's Colosseum interior panorama. Built by Vespasian and dedicated in 80 AD, the Colosseum has been a symbol of Rome for 2 000 years. Gladiators fought animals and themselves, sometimes to the death, for over 300 years in this arena.
Italy Ravenna San Vitale Justinian Mosaic3090 viewsRavenna Italy's San Vitale church Emperor Justinian mosaic
Santa Maria in Trastevere church interior in Rome Italy3050 viewsSanta Maria in Trastevere church interior in Rome Italy
Italy Rome Santa Maria Maggiore (St Mary Major)1569 viewsOne of the four Papal basilicas in Rome, Santa Maria Maggiore (St Mary Major) was built in the 3rd century AD. Its ceiling is covered with gold brought back from the New World.
Italy Rome Santa Cecilia Baldochino and Apse Mosaic1325 viewsThe baldochino and apse mosaic in Rome Italy's Santa Cecilia church
Italy Rome Santa Maria Maggiore Apse Mosaic - Mary and Christ1050 viewsInterior apse mosaic in the basilica Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome, Italy. Mosiac depicts Mary and Christ and dates from the 9th century AD.
Italy Ravenna Mausoleum Galla Placidia Good Shepherd1021 viewsThe Good Shepherd wall and archway of the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia in Ravenna Italy
Italy Rome San Pietro in Vaticano (St Peter's) Baldacchino998 viewsThe baldacchino in Rome Italy's San Pietro in Vaticano (St Peter's)
Italy Rome Santa Prassede Mosaics876 viewsRome Italy's 4th century Christian church Santa Prassede (Saint Praxides) 8th century apse mosaic and triumphal arch mosaic.
Santa Maria in Trastevere Church Mosaic in Rome Italy610 viewsSanta Maria in Trastevere Church Mosaic in Rome Italy
Santa Maria in Trastevere Church in Rome Italy605 viewsSanta Maria in Trastevere Church in Rome Italy
Italy Ravenna House of Stone Carpets 1525 viewsBeautifully preserved large room floor mosaics in an ancient Roman villa in Ravenna Italy
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