Roman Friends

Here is the group that turned out for my dinner at Hostaria Isidoro. From left to right; Laura, Bruna 1, Paolo 1, Marco, me, Paolo 2.

1 - Bruna is of course the most beautiful woman in Rome (if not all of Italy) and speaks the best English of anyone I know.

A page from the calendar. This is January...

Yanks in Rome

We've all become pretty comfortable in Rome now, as you'll see...

Our friend Johan with Andrea at Restaurant della Fortuna, near the Pantheon.

Our favorite place for gelato, Giolitti. We tried a few others, including San Crispino (near the Trevi fountain), which the NY Times declared the best, but we are still Giolitti loyalists.

This is a failed attempt at documenting a great triumph - five of us piled into a taxi to get to Termini station to start our visit to Assisi. The sliver of human on the left is Bill 2 (reference my February, 2000 trip). Clark is still in the car (you can see his shirt), Andrea is leaning into the car (she just got out). Loretta is... well, it looks like she's in a good mood, eh?