This is the lower cell of the Mamertine prison. You can see the altar and barely make out the font in the floor.

This is a shot of the training center with the main event building in the background. The barracks are on the right. A portion of the training arena is on the left. Via di San Giovanni in Laterano plows right over the rest of it. It's elliptical, like the Colosseum's and looks like it's about the same size. It includes a few rows of seats as well, but I'm not sure if that is for realism or to actually allow for spectators.

Another shot of the Colosseum.


You know, it is so great to travel with fun people... These were taken in the courtyard near the entrance to the lower church at Basilica di San Francesco. Everyone looks so happy and excited! I love that!

The Basilica di San Francesco from the road up to the church itself. An amazing and inspirational sight.

This shows both churches. The lower one's entrance is at lower center - it is on the side. The upper church is visible on top - the long stairway in the lower right leads up to it. The upper church has some elements of Gothic architecture in it - you can see the pointed arches and the flying buttresses.

This is the front of the upper church.

The interior of the upper church (no photos allowed!!). The white portions of the walls and ceilings are the places where the frescoes were not restored. A few ceiling sections have a starry sky motif where the frescoes had fallen in previous earthquakes.

Assisi was a Roman town in ancient times. The main square was the Roman Forum and this was the Temple of Minerva, now a church. This photo looks a little weird because I had to stitch together two separate photos in Photoshop to get the whole temple in one image.