The Colosseum from the second level.

Another shot.

The interior of the restored/rebuilt Curia - the Senate building.

The Roman Forum looking west from the Curia.

The Temple of Saturn.

The Roman Forum looking north to the Capitoline Hill.

Ostia - Rome's Ancient Port City on the Coast Near the Tiber River Mouth

A small bathhouse floor.

Another section. The mosaics were still intact - amazing workmanship.

A portion of an original fresco in a house.

Can you guess what this is? It's a public latrine.

Here's the other side. Hike up your toga and have a seat!

A cafe ("thermopolium") near the city center. The street is through the large door way. The bar is in the center of the picture, with a large amphora at the edge. You can see the arched opening in the front and some storage cabinets behind it.