Hey! More Rome Photos! Whoo hoo!

This is a great looking house at the end of Via Cavour in a little off-the-street alleyway. It was very quiet and "Italian" looking.

This is Trajan's Market. The structure coming from the left to the center of the frame is the remaining dome-supporting wall.

Augustus' Forum

The photo is of Augustus' Forum. The central structure was a temple. The structure in scaffolding behind the 4 columns was a fire wall built by Augustus to protect the forum from the fire-prone neighborhood behind it.

Forum Statue

This a detail of one of the walls of Nerva's Forum. It's all that is left of the structure.

The Stairway to Nowhere. I walked along the catwalk attached to the wall on the right (it's barely visible in this photo). The stairway ends near the end of the street the yellow building is on. The yellow building itself uses one of the ancient walls for it's own. Rome is full of stuff like this. They've recycled everything they can.

The pretty vine-covered walls and bridge of Via Giulia.