Twenty Four Hours

This is the shortcut to the London photos.

Tower of London from Tower Tube StationI decided that rather than try to make a connection in Heathrow with less than two hours between arriving and then departing I'd stay over one night in London and head home the next day. It's been 11 years since I was last there, one of my favorite cities on the planet. While short, I managed to get in a sight I didn't see the last time I was here and then spent the evening shooting some famous landmarks along or near the Thames. Truly worth it.

My first stop was Abbey Rd, NW8. After I checked into my hotel I went to the concierge and asked for directions to get to Abbey Rd. After confirming that yes, it was in fact in St John's Wood he gave me tube directions. Trouble was, the tube is being upgraded and that Saturday the Jubilee line was closed for it's entire northern section. So, I exited at my stop to change trains and realized I was blocked from accessing the line. I asked a cop (they're all over the place down there now, so it's easy to get directions) what to do. Turns out they had a substitute bus service so I managed to locate that and hop aboard. It was nice, actually, because I got to see the neighborhood as we drove through it. Got off and walked over to the corner and figured out right away that that zebra crossing was THE zebra crossing and managed to get another tourist to take a photo of me in the middle of the street as the trucks were honking at me. I snapped the street sign and a few of the front of the building. Yes, I am a Beatles dork.

I came back to the hotel for a bit if lunch and a quick nap. After that I hopped back on the tube and shot down to Tower station. I had remembered from my previous visit that the area in front of that station affords a great view of the Tower of London. Numerous frames and walk around a little. Londoners have created a "Roman Britian" trial in the area and have excavated more of the Roman remains near there. Fascinating stuff.

I then took a few shots of Tower Bridge, came back to the station and rode it back to Westminster station and Westminster Abbey. I took a few shots of th Abbey and then came back t my hotel for the night. I was tired and it was after 11 PM.

A good night's sleep and then the tube to Heathrow and home.