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Using My iPhone to Document An Oceanside Local Landmark – Lifeguard Tower 9

This summer I have been fairly diligent about swimming at the beach. I go nearly every day, regardless of the weather, the tides, the surf or the water temperature. I also go to the same place every day; Oceanside’s Tower 9, at the end of Oceanside Blvd at Pacific St in Oceanside, CA.

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Oceanside beach’s Tower 9 at Oceanside Blvd and Pacific St is placed there permanently.

I have been taking a photo or 2 (or 3) every time I go down there, just to document the event. Sometimes the sky is blue and the air warm, sometimes it’s not.

Sunny day at Oceanside Tower 9

Tropical cloud day at Oceanside Tower 9 just before a cloudburst.

I don’t always photograph it from the street, sometimes I shoot it from the sand, or the rocks.

The neighbors have their own wishes and prayers for the surfers who come down here to ride the waves.

Surfer’s Prayer on the side of a house near Oceanside Tower 9.